Great White Shark Diving / Mexico

Adventure Overview

Guadalupe Island in Mexico is widely regarded as the premier destination for great white shark encounters. The deep blue water is incredibly clear, and the great whites number in the hundreds due to the abundance elephant seals, fur seals, and sea lions, which line the shores.

Shark diving in Guadalupe Island is perfect for certified and non-certified divers. Since you will be breathing from surface supplied air and not using scuba tanks, this is the perfect experience for anyone.

The Vortex Liveaboard is a 140 foot vessel built for luxury adventure. Everything on the Vortex has been custom made and handpicked to meet the highest standards, providing you with the ultimate dive experience. Luxury diving is followed by topside elegance, plus unmatched and personalized service.

Trip Details

September 21-26 / 2023
7 rooms / 11 members
1-night in San Diego
4-nights aboard the Socorro Vortex
bus transfer to and from San Diego to Ensenada, MX
3-days of great white shark diving
2 surface cages / 1 submersible cage
1 self propelled ocean cage
onboard chef
$8,000 USD

3 Spots Remaining


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Member Testimonial

World Playground for Daniel (my husband) and me has been the perfect blend of adventure and laughter. The WP team is an absolute joy to travel with. They took such good care of us and are so passionate about wanting to give you the best experience possible. They say ‘like attracts like’ and that’s how I can describe the WP members. We met so many amazing people and possibly the godmother of our 1st child!  

Christina Roach


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